Our Fees

Juncture Financial Group, LLC believes that advisors should be compensated based on the scope and complexity of services provided, the resources invested in delivering the services, and the value created for our clients.

We do not charge fees based on a percentage of assets under advisement or net worth, as we believe that they are not in the best interest of our clients and have potential to create conflicts of interest.

We charge a simple all-inclusive fixed annual fee for our comprehensive financial planning services.  The fee reflects the specific work that we do for you and the value that we create.  The fee is set for a three-year period. 

Additionally, we strive to keep investment costs as low as possible.  We do not utilize mutual funds with sales loads and generally utilize low cost, tax efficient index mutual funds and/or Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) for most asset classes.  When utilizing active mutual fund managers we look for funds that have below average expense ratios for their asset class and performance in the top 30% for the past 5 years.  A combination of no sales load, low expenses, and tax efficiency serve to eliminate any unnecessary drags on investment performance and maximizes capital appreciation opportunities.