Our Advantage

Juncture Financial Group, LLC is structured to provide exceptional financial expertise and comprehensive, tailored client services within an atmosphere of trust. By bringing these three things together, we have set ourselves apart from most wealth management firms and have created a platform that supports our goal of sustaining long-term relationships with our clients. As a firm and as individuals, we are committed to consistently conducting ourselves with integrity and striving for excellence. Juncture Financial Group offers clients:

Independence –We do not represent insurance or investment companies.  This means that our advice is objective and unbiased.  Additionally, this means that we are not limited to proprietary products and can access a wide universe of investment options.

Fee-Only – We do not sell investment or insurance products and we do not receive compensation from any of the investment managers that we utilize.  This helps us avoid any real or perceived conflicts of interest.  The only compensation that we receive comes directly from clients in the form of fixed or hourly fees.

Fiduciary Relationship – We embrace our fiduciary responsibilities and include a Fiduciary Oath in all of our agreements.  This means that we will act in the upmost of good faith and perform in a manner believed to be in the best interests of our clients.  Additionally, we will disclose any conflicts of interests that may compromise our impartiality or independence. 

Expertise and Experience –Our advisors have substantial experience in the financial services industry and maintain a high commitment to technical proficiency as evidenced by the professional designations that they hold.  Additionally, they invest considerable time in reading and researching the latest advancements in our disciplines and complete numerous continuing education courses. 

Innovation – Our proprietary process of integrating business and personal financial planning and utilizing a holistic life planning approach when building comprehensive financial plans are cutting edge and add value to our client’s lives. 

Client Centric and Action Oriented – We focus exclusively on the unique needs and goals of each client.   We do not use standard templates, model portfolios, or boilerplate techniques.  All work is customized and focused on our clients’ specific situations.  We spend a considerable amount of time educating clients and answering questions when presenting financial plans and investment strategies. All of our work products include specific action plans and identify resources required for execution.  This underscores our belief that we are successful only when our clients are successful.

Collaborative Team Players – We welcome the opportunity to work closely with your other professional advisors and believe in a collaborative approach that assures our clients receive the best possible solutions and service.  We proactively develop relationships with other professional that we believe can add value to our client’s unique situations.